Fire in the Gulf of Mexico after a pipeline ruptured.

An underwater gas pipeline has caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico. It is connected to a platform operated by Mexican oil giant Pemex, it’s produced 726,000 barrels per day of oil equivalent at the moment of the incident.

No Word Yet on foul play, Pemex has been under attack from foreign firms for its role in helping Mexico become self-sufficient. By refining Oil at home, Pemex planned on reducing its countries dependence on American Oil and gas.

Mexico still buys refined fuels from the U.S even though it produces oil at home.

Mexico’s Pemex planned a takeover Of Deer Park Refinery, in fact, the Presedent of Mexico said the deal was in its final stage before the explosion. Enter Brian Babin United States Representative, soon after the explosion, Brian Babin voices his concern about the deal.

“I write to express significant concerns with this transaction and urge the Committee on Foreign Investment … to initiate a full security review, including possible denial of this proposed sale,” Brian Babin wrote in a letter addressed to energy minister Jennifer Granholm and finance minister Janet Yellen.

No clear interest group lobbying Brian Babin for the cancellation of the deal has been identified as of this date.