Orion’s chlorine dioxide biocide system

There are safety features to Orion’s system. Instead of pushing biocide into the mix, Orion uses a flow-based suction system to pull its ClO2 into the mixing chamber. When the flow stops, so does the injection of chlorine dioxide, and that helps prevent overdosing and mixing errors compared to systems that pump biocide under pressure.

By reducing the chances for bacteria-induced problems, Orion’s ClO2-based treatments offer a many-fold return on investment. More and more producers in the Permian Basin, Mid-Con, and Eagle Ford are turning to Orion for reliable biocide treatment. Call them this week to eliminate downhole bacteria issues.


ORION’s mobile chlorine dioxide units provide a powerful biocide for managing SRB’s and APB’s that is more cost-effective than conventional glut/quat combinations. ORION Water Solution’s services include frac-on-the-fly, pond clean-up, sour well flushing, and frac chemistry compatibility testing.


Mobile produced water treatment systems enable oil and gas producers to maximize use of produced water for drilling and completions, reducing waste water cost and disposal logistics issues while preserving fresh water resources. ORION systems address oil and grease, iron, suspended solids, and other contaminants as needed to meet our customer’s drilling and completions fluid specifications at the lowest possible cost.




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