How to get a job in the oil field?

Before you ask the question, How to get a job in the oil field?  you first must ask yourself if you are ready physically and emotionally. Do you have a wife, girlfriend,  family that you can stand to be away from for more than two weeks or a month at a time?

  1. If you have goals and you know all about hard work and have a good work ethic – you may have a chance.
  2. If you can work over 100-120hrs a week – you may have a chance.
  3. If you can go a week without using your kids as an excuse and start talking about how they miss you, so you have to quit. – you may have a chance.
  4. If you are proactive, take the initiative, and don’t wait for someone to ask for help before you actually help, – you may have a chance.
  5. If you don’t get your feelings hurt during your time as a green hat, picklehead or greenhorn.  – you may have a chance.

If you’ve never been told you are a hard worker… I would reconsider. for the sake of the other oilfield workers that would have to carry your workload, after you start slacking off.

if you’re still interested in an oilfield job 

7 thoughts on “How to get a job in the oil field?”

  1. Looking for a job, I have about a year experience in a pulling unit and 4 years welding experience I also have some diesel mechanic experience I have my license, PEC certification, h2s certification, cpr/aed and first aid certification, willing to travel

  2. Hiring crude oil haulers in Carlsbad Nm must have 1 year tanker and 2 years over all driving experience. No experience hauling crude needed. We will train you.

  3. Most of you folks will fail in this industry. it’s not for everyone! Everyone out here talking about how they want to be in the oil industry… tell it’s time to do oilfield work.

  4. HIRING!! I have 5 water transfer positions open at the moment, must be local to the Midland/Odessa area , the company is located in Odessa, pay is 13-15hr, 80-105 hours a week, MUST HAVE WATER TRANSFER EXPERIENCE, if interested call me

  5. I’m looking to try to get my foot into the door in the oil industry. I’ve been really trying to for a long time with no luck. I’m looking for an entry-level job due to me having no oilfield experience yet. I am turning 20 in December so due to that I do not carry a CDL. I’m looking to get with a company that will help and encourage me to excel in their business.

  6. The days are long and North Dakota is pretty harsh in the winter. The hardest part of the job is being away form home two weeks at a time but that week off is great. The best part of the job is getting to work with a diverse group of people and hearing about all the experiences they have had in the oil field. The management can be a little coarse but that is to be expected in this line of work.
    A typical day of work consists of:
    -Waking up at 3 AM
    -Heading to yard call
    -Driving to location
    -Having a JSA on location
    -High pressure Pumping on oil wells for 12 hours
    -Swapping out with the next crew
    -Driving back to the man camp
    -In bed around 7 PM
    -Do it again for 13 days straight.

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