Eco-Stim Energy Solutions

The Industry’s Highest Power Output on the Smallest, Lightest Footprint with the Lowest Emissions

Eco-stim Turbine frac pumps.

  • Running on 100% natural gas, CNG, LNG or diesel
  • Producing emissions 65% below EPA Tier 4 requirements
  • Delivering 4500 HHP from a single trailer with engines weighing ~ 800 pounds each

EcoStim’s major investment in computer-control systems has resulted in these major advances over previous turbine pumping units:

  • Multiple redundant safety features are now automated
  • Our turbine-gearbox interface is now 100% computer-controlled (human error issue resolved)
  • The computer-controlled interface allows for smooth engine engagement, reducing maintenance
  • Automated fuel purge and cool-down processes prevent turbine overheating and limit fuel blockage
  • Overall control of turbines and pumps — including pump-down and pressure-testing — is now comparable to traditional diesel pumps
  • Multiple emergency shut-down features make turbine damage or catastrophic failure almost impossible
  • A maintenance-management system that records operational parameters automatically schedules preventive maintenance

EcoStim custom bundles smart technologies to bring unprecedented efficiencies to well stimulation. By combining solutions such as fiber optic monitoring and coiled-tubing sliding sleeves, we can reduce the number of completion stages and power requirements by a much as 50 percent; the amount of water required, by as much as 20 percent.

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