US is on its way to Trump’s goal of ‘energy dominance

US is well on its way to Trump’s goal of ‘energy dominance,’ says Marathon Petroleum CEO from CNBC.

President Donald Trump‘s goal of making the United States a global superpower in energy is starting to come true, Marathon Petroleum Corp. Chairman and CEO Gary Heminger told CNBC on Tuesday.

“When I look at the president’s theme to begin with and the beginning of his administration, he wanted to have energy dominance in the U.S., and I believe that we are well on our way,” Marathon CEO Heminger told Cramer in an exclusive “Mad Money” interview. “We’re the largest producer in the world today.”

“The U.S. refining system [is] second to none of anyone in the industry, so I believe we’re well on our way now” to global energy dominance, Heminger said.

The Marathon CEO added that he expected OPEC’s meetings in Vienna, Austria this Thursday and Friday to result in “a pullback in OPEC production,” in which case “we’ll see crude prices inch up” from their current levels. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE

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