Colorado Dems Eye Action On Oil And Gas

The energy industry worries about Democrats going too far. “Dan Haley, president, and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association thinks that “elected leaders who are there now have that responsibility to govern responsibly and to not overreach.” link

Investors question Anadarko on political risk to Colorado drilling.

Anadarko’s daily oil and gas production in Colorado‘s Denver-Julesburg Basin rose 7 percent in late 2018, setting new record

Denver — Executives from Anadarko Petroleum on Wednesday fielded a persistent line of questioning from institutional investors and analysts about the company’s oil and gas assets in Colorado’s DJ Basin, where community activists continue to pressure the state government for tougher regulations on the industry. – link

Colorado oil and gas producers could soon face a tougher permitting process

Colorado oil and gas producers could soon face a tougher permitting process as newly elected state officials take office and revamp regulations, the incoming speaker of the state’s House of Representatives said on Wednesday. link

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