Watford City business WatMineralTracker helps North Dakota mineral owners audit their royalties

WatMineralTracker talks about its tech start-up.

Watford City business helps North Dakota mineral owners audit their royalties
Are You Being Paid Enough?

If you depend on royalty income, your assets demand active professional management.

MineralTracker uses proprietary algorithms to compare royalty income to revenues predicted. This ensures you are being paid the correct amount for your mineral holdings.

a majority do not understand the source of their revenue and no one is offering to help them understand it.

Help From Local Mineral Managers , MineralTracker gives you access to a team of local certified mineral managers and petroleum engineers.
Ask our experts a question about the industry, your royalty payments, or for help setting up a customized account.

Starting at only $99/month, MineralTracker allows mineral and working interest owners, trust officers, and family trusts to professionally manage their mineral assets and income at a reasonable rate.- mineraltracker.com

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