RevoChem analyzes geochemical fingerprints in oil and rock formations

RevoChem analyzes geochemical fingerprints in oil and rock formations. We data-mine the unique geochemical fingerprints to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective reservoir diagnostics and monitoring services. 

“Traditionally, the geochemistry method can resolve about a hundred compounds; we are able to resolve over 2,000,” Liu said.

Our innovative geochemical fingerprinting technology reveals unprecedented information and enables operators to maximize unconventional reservoir economics. The valuable information can be used to optimize field development plans, validate EOR/IOR strategies, and facilitate reservoir performance prediction.

What asset areas have this technology been applied within?
  1. Anadarko Basin (United States)

  2. Bakken (United States)

  3. Eagle Ford (Unites States)

  4. Gulf of Mexico (United States)

  5. Niobrara (United States)

  6. Permian Basin (United States)

  7. Montney (Canada)

  8. Vaca Muerta (Argentina)

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