American Oil Politicians say “No Russian oil For Germany”. They need to buy American oil!

American politicians are using strongarm tactics to stave off “competition from Russian oil” said Russian diplomats.

U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz says Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will never be launched if the United States slaps new sanctions on the project.

Russia has lashed out at Washington’s attempts to shoot down plans for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, comparing it to ‘cowboy-style’ corporate raiding.

Kremlin says new U.S. sanctions could complicate Nord Stream 2‘s completion. US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 ‘cowboy-like raid’ – Peskov

  • Germany Reveals There’s a Russian Pipelayer Ship in Its Waters That Will Help Complete Nord Stream 2:

The Pro American oil Politicians are urging European allies & private companies to halt work that could help build the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline. The American Politicians are preparing wider sanctions on the Russian project in the coming weeks, senior Trump administration officials said Wednesday.

If completed, the pipeline would make Russian oil easier to access for Europes biggest economy Germany and would make it more reliable than if it was being routed through Ukraine. It would also make American oil a more expensive choice. That could be why American Politicians are pushing for sanctions to halt the new crude oil pipeline project, as it would compete against American oil.

Sanctions effect: “DNV GL will stop all activities to verify the Nord Stream 2 pipeline system in accordance with the sanctions, and as long as these sanctions remain in force. We are implementing a plan to curtail our support for the project,” the Oslo-based firm said in a statement.

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