Vaca Muerta Crude Oil Production field grew 39%

After the start-up of the Argentine Natural Gas Production Promotion Plan in January, the activity of the Vaca Muerta hydrocarbon field grew 39% compared to December of last year. 

Vaca Muerta reached 124,000 b/d in December, and it is expected to continue towards 145,000–150,000 by the end of 2021 if current activity levels continue, according to a new analysis by Rystad Energy.

The Vaca Muerta holds 27 billion barrels of light crude oil (shale oil) and 193 trillion cubic feet of wet shale gas. after the oil crash on early 2020, the Vaca Muerta activity grew 39% in 2021 of January.

According to the monthly report prepared by specialist Luciano Fucello, country manager of the NCS Multistage firm, during the first month of 2021, 662 hydraulic fracturings were carried out by the companies that operate in the Neuquén Vaca Muerta formation. According to the analysis, the increase in production was led by the majority state oil company YPF, with a total of 7 active drilling rigs in the gas zone. 

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